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    Shell Scripting Online Training from India

    Shell Scripting Online Training Course Content

    Course Duration : 30 Hrs

    • History of UNIX
    • Features of UNIX
    • Flavors of UNIX
    • Comparison of UNIX with Windows
    • Architecture of UNIX
    • UNIX File System
    Different types of Files
    • Regular Files
    • Directory Files
    • Device Files
    Basic Commands
    • pwd, logname, who, finger
    • Exit, date, cal
    Creating Users & Groups
    • groupadd, groupdel
    • useradd, userdel
    System startup & Shutdown
    • Init, halt, shutdown
    • Different Run levels
    • Different date formats
    Working with files
    • cat, touch, rm
    • cp, mv
    Working with Directories
    • mkdir, cd, rmdir, rm –r
    Standard Input & Output
    • Redirecting output
    • Redirecting Input
    Comparing Files
    • cmp, diff, comm
    Searching files
    • find, locate, which
    Zip files
    • gzip, gunzip
    Displaying files
    • ls, ls options
    Viewing long files
    • pg, more, head, tail
    File Permissions
    • chmod, chown, chgrp, umask
    Meta/Wild Card-characters
    • Class, Anchors
    • Repetition, Alteration
    • Group, Dot
    Regular Expressions & Patterns
    • What is pattern
    • Usage of regular expression
    • Different types of pattern
    • Character pattern
    • Word pattern
    • Line pattern
    Tools for Filters
    • grep, grep with options
    Flat files
    What are delimiters and its types?
    Reading and Writing to files
    Tools for column data
    • cut, paste
    Tools for sorting
    • Sort by lines, Sort by fields
    • Sort with options, uniq
    Changing information in files
    • tr, sed
    • usage of piping
    • piping with filters
    • tee command
    Communication Tools
    • write, wall
    • mail, mail with options
    Networking protocols
    • telnet, ftp
    Disk status
    • du,  df with options
    Job control
    • Foreground jobs, background jobs
    • Killing jobs, nohup
    Process status
    • ps , ps with options
    Editor Vi
    • 3 modes
    • Command mode
    • Insert mode
    • Ex command mode
    What is shell scripting?
    Importance of shell scripting
    Different types of shells
    Creating shell script
    Making shell scripting executable
    Shell input & output
    • echo, print, read
    Backslash character constants
    • What is variable
    • System defined variables
    • Environment files
    • User defined variables
    • Constant variables
    • Local & global variables
    • Special variables
    • Arithmetic variables
    • Relational numeric operators
    • Logical operators
    • Assignment operators
    Conditional statements
    • if, if….else
    • if, elif
    • case
    • while, until, for
    • break, continue
    File test commands
    String test commands
    exit & sleep commands
    Command line arguments
    • Usage of COA
    • What is $0, S#, $*, $@, $? , $$
    Job scheduling
    • cron
    • at
    • batch
    Compiling and execution of C and C++ programs

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