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    DevOps Online Training from India

    DevOps Online Training Course Content

    Course Duration : 35 Hrs

    Linux_OS_Basics and Shell Scripting
    • Linux_Commands
    • File_System
    • vi editor
    • Advanced_Linux_Commands
    • System_Administration
    • Advanced_System_Administration
    • Grep
    • Shell_Scripting with examples(All types of loops)
    • Regular_Expressions
    • SED
    • AWK
    • Maven basics
    • Difference between Ant and Maven
    • Installation and Setup of Maven
    • Maven lifecyclyes
    • First Maven project
    • How to compile application source
    • How to compile test source and run unit test
    • SNAPSHOT version
    • How to use plugins
    • How to add or remove resources from jar
    • dependency management
    • Deploy jar in remote repository
    • Basics of CI
    • Fresh instance of Jenkins installation and configuration
    • How to create a job and configure it
    • A walk-through of different features of Jenkins
    • Jenkins plugins installation and configuration
    • Practical Jenkins administration issues
    • How to integrate different build and release tools like Ant, Maven, Gradle, GIT, Perforce, SVN, Tomcat, Chef etc
    • Devise a strategy for the candidate's organization build and release process
    • GIT basics
    • branching strategy
    • Difference between versioning control tools and GIT
    • Git installation
    • Getting and creating projects: initialize a directory as Git repository and copy a Git repository
    • Basic snapshoting: Adding file contents to staging area
    • view status of your files in the working directory and the staging area
    • show diff at various stages
    • record snapshot of staging area
    • undo changes and commits
    • remove files from staging area
    • stashing changes
    • Branching and merging
    • sharing and updating projects
    • Inspection and Comparison
    • Basics of Chef and Infrastructure management tools
    • Definitions of Chef Components
    • Installation and Configuration of various Chef components
    • Overview of Chef elements like Cookbooks, Recipes, Resources etc
    • Demonstration of Chef operations using few examples
    • Basics of Puppet
    • Installations and Configuration of Puppet components
    • Overview of Puppet elements like Modules, Manifests, Templates etc
    • Downloading modules from Puppet-Forge
    • Demonstration of Puppet operations using few examples
    • Basics of virtualization
    • Basics of cloud computing
    • AWS services: EC2, S3, DynamoDB
    • Introduction to Docker
    • What is Docker
    • Containers vs virtual machine
    • Docker platform overview and terminologies
    • Docker Engine
    • Images
    • Registry
    • Repositories
    • Docker Hub
    • Docker Orchestration Tools
    • Introduction to Images
    • Getting started with Containers
    Docker Fundamentals:
    • Building Images
    • Dockerfile
    • Managing Images and Containers
    • Distributing Images on Docker Hub
    • Docker Volumes
    • Basic Container networking
    • Nagios core installation and configuration
    • Creations of objects
    • Alert configuration
    • Email Notification configuration

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