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    AngularJS Online Training from India

    AngularJS Online Training Course Content

    Course Duration : 25 Hrs

    • What is AngularJS?
    Understanding the MVC Pattern
    • Creating an Angular Model,View, Controller
    How AngularJS Works
    • Life Cycle of AngularJS
    • Architecture of AngularJS
    • Basics of AngularJS ex:ng-app
    • Data Binding,two way binding
    • $scope
    • How Scope works
    • $scope life cycle
    • Directives and scope
    • nested scope
    • Basics of Filters
    • Custom FIlter
    • Form validation using Filter
    • How to create directives
    • Configure Directives
    • Passing arguments in directives
    • Built in Directives
    • Directive Scope
    • ngModel
    • Routing Modes
    • Multiple Views Configuration
    • $location service
    • Layout Template
    • Advanced Routing Techniques
    Dependence Injection
    • Annotation
    • Define Annotation Explicitly
    • Define Annotation Inline
    • ngMine
    • $inject API
    • Service Registration
    • How to use Service in your app
    • Different ways of Creating Service
    • Black and White listing URLS
    • $sce API and $sce Service,Configuration
    • What is Context Type
    • How to handle events
    • Event Life Cycle
    • Event Object
    • Module Loading
    • Properties
    • Run Blocks
    • RequireJs
    • Writing test cases
    • Jasmine
    Debugging AngularJs
    • Debugging from DOM
    • Debugger
    • Angular Batarang

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