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    Core Java Online Training from India

    Core Java Online Training Course Content

    Course Duration : 25 to 30 Hrs

    • Introduction to java platform, javac, java, data types, source file, comments, setup.
    Flow Control
    • Conditional constructs
      • Different types of if condition
    • Looping constructs
      • While
      • Do-while
      • For
      • For-each
    • break, continue
    • Switch statement
    Object Oriented Programming
    • Introduction to Object Oriented Programming
    • Introduction to Classes and Objects
    • Instance & Static variables
    • Constructor
    • Methods
    • Instance & Static methods
    • Static & Instance blocks
    • Package creation
    • Importing packages
    • Importing Class
    • Extending classes
    • Constructor calling chain
    • The “super” keyword
    • Method overriding
    • Method hiding
    • Final Class and Method
    Abstract classes and Interfaces
    • Abstract methods
    • Abstract classes
    • Interfaces
    • Implementing interfaces
    • Abstract class vs. Interfaces
    Inner classes
    • Non-static inner class
    • Static inner class
    • Local inner class
    • Anonymous inner class
    Exception Handling
    • Introduction to exceptions
    • Effects of exception
    • Exception Handling framework
    • Exception class Hierarchy
    • Custom exception class
    • Assertions
    Memory Management
    • Different types of memory used in Java
    • Garbage Collection
    • Memory Leaks
    Collections Framework
    • Introduction to collections
    • Core Collection Interfaces
    • List interface and its implementations
    • Set interface and its implementations
    • Queue interface and its implementations
    • Map interface and its implementations
    Java I/O Stream
    • I/O Streams Introduction
    • Types of Streams
    • Stream class Hierarchy
    • Buffered Streams
    • Working File Streams
    • Introduction to serialization
    • Serialization process
    • Deserialization process
    • Introduction to threads
    • Thread states and priorities
    • Thread class
    • Runnable interface
    • Thread Group
    • Synchronization
    • Inter thread communication
    Generics, Enums, AutoBoxing
    Internationalization., Locale, Formatting text and dates
    • Introduction to logging
    • Loggers
    • Handlers
    • Formatters
    • Configuration
    • Understanding the design of JBDC API
    • Obtaining JDBC Drivers
    • Establish connection with DB Servers
    • Execute SQL Queries using Statement and Prepared Statement
    • Fetch the data
      • Reading the records using result set object
    • Adding and Updating the records

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