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    Robotic Process Automation Online Training from India

    Robotic Process Automation Online Training Course Content

    Course Duration : 25 Hrs

    Overview on Robotic Process Automation
    • What is Robotic Process Automation
    • Natural language processing and RPA
    • How Robotic Process Automation works!
    • Why to automate repetitive tasks/process
    • Robotic Process Automation Tool selection Checklist
    • diff B/W RPA and Other Tools
    • Blue prism Advantages
    • Types of RPA & its description (Front Office Robot & Back office Robot)
    Working with Different Stages & Application Automation
    • Tool Introduction
    • Tabs Overview – Home ,Studio ,Control ,Dashboard ,Release and System
    • Creating Basic scripts
    • Working with Objet Studio
    Working on different Stages
    • Data Items , Calculation
    • Conditions , Decision stage
    • Anchor Stage , Choice Stage
    • Loops(Circular paths)
    • collections ,Multi Calculation stage
    • working with string and length functions
    Application Automation
    • Global Variables
    • Stages (accessing from on page to another page)
    • Working with different browsers
    • sleep with general vbo & Wait Methods
    • Reading The data from textbox
    • verify Title , Text & mouse Over Actions
    • Generating logs & its types
    • Notification Alerts & Application alerts
    • Keyboard events & dropdown
    • Exception handling & Recovery scenarios
    • Excel File - Reading , writing & Saving
    Debugging modes
    • step, Step Over, Step Out
    • set next stage
    • Break points
    Application Modeller
    • Spying – Web and Window based App
    • Different Types of spying modes
    Process studio to control to release (End to End Process flow)
    • Publishing objects
    • Calling objects to process studio
    • Excel with Single Row + Object studio + Process Studio
    • Excel Multiple Rows + Object Studio + Process studio + Control room + Release manager
    • Working with Invoice Software
    Surface Automation
    • Send Keys
    • Global Keys
    • Thin & Thick client
    • Working with - Ms Word & Calendars
    Automation of Windows Application
    • Automating different windows application
    • Writing Data to Notepad
    • Performing actions with calculator
    Additional Features
    • User roles – Creating, Modifying and delete
    • Reading the data from data base
    • Working with PDF
    • Sending email
    • Scheduling
    • Release Manager
    • Working different VBO’s
    • Use of BP Item Templates
    • BP Coding Standards

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