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    Oracle 9i Online Training from India

    Oracle 9i Online Training Course Content

    Course Duration : 35 Hrs

    • Concepts of DBMS
    • Introduction
    • Importance and Need
    • Database Models and Normalization
    • Relational
    • Object
    • Normalization Techniques
     Introduction to RDBMS
    • Concepts of RDBMS
    • Introduction
    • Comparision with DBMS
    • COOD Rules
    • Normalization Revisited
    • Concepts of ORDBMS & OODBMS
    • Introduction to ORDBMS
    • Introduction to OODBMS
    • Comparision and analysis
     Structured Query Language(SQL)
    • Introduction to SQL
    • Predefined Data Types
    • Introduction to database objects
    • Table,View
     Commands in SQL
    • Data Defination Language(DDL)
    • Data Manipulation Language(DML)
    • Data Control Language(DCL)
    • Transaction Control Language(TCL)
    • Database Security and Privileges(DCL)
     Working with DDL,DML,TCL Commands
    • Operators
    • Conditional,Logical,Comparison,SET
    • Functions
    • Date,Number,Character,String,Group,Group by,Having clause
    • Transformation Functions
    • NVL,NVL2(9i)
    • Aggregate Functions
     Integrity Constraints
    • Different Types of Integrity Constraint
    • Use of Integrity Constraint in table
    • Usage of Joins
    • Different Types of Joins
    • Equi Join
    • Cartesian join
    • Self Join
    • Outer join
     Sub Queries
    • Need of Sub Queries
    • Nested Sub queries
    • Co-related Sub Quries
    • Flash Back Queries (9i)
    • Importance of views
    • Creating,Manipulating Views
    • Materialized views(9i)
     Working with database objects
    • Sequences and synonyms
    • Index,Cluster,Creating cluster table
     Using External Tables(9i)
    • System Privileges
    • Table Privileges
     Locks and SQL Plus editor commands
    • Introduction to PL/SQL
    • Advantage of PL/SQL
    • Data Types in PL/SQL
    • Variables and Constants
    • Referencing NON-PL/SQL Variable
    • Using built in Functions
    • Conditional and iterative Statements
    • SQL in PL/SQL
    • Composite Data Types
    • Cursors
    • Exceptions:-Predefined ,User Defined
    • Records and PL/SQl table types
     Advanced PL/SQL
    • Introduction to Triggers
    • Types of Triggers : - Row level,Statement Level
    • Before and After ,Instead of Triggers
    • Procedures,Functions in PL/SQL
    • User Defined Packages
    • Dropping triggers,Procedures,Functions

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