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    Ansible Online Training from India

    Ansible Online Training Course Content

    Course Duration : 40 Hrs

    Introducing Ansible
    • Overview of Ansible
    • Installing Ansible
    Deploying Ansible
    • Building an Ansible Inventory
    • Managing Ansible Configuration Files
    • Running Ad Hoc Commands
    Implementing Playbooks
    • Writing and Running Playbooks
    • Implementing Multiple Plays
    Managing Variables and Facts
    • Managing Variables
    • Managing Secrets
    • Managing Facts
    Implementing Task Control
    • Writing Loops and Conditional Tasks
    • Implementing Handlers
    • Handling Task Failure
    Deploying Files to Managed Hosts
    • Modifying and Copying Files to Hosts
    • Deploying Custom Files with Jinja2 Templates
    Managing Large Projects
    • Selecting Hosts with Host Patterns
    • Managing Dynamic Inventories
    • Configuring Parallelism
    • Including and Importing Files
    Simplifying Playbooks with Roles
    • Describing Role Structure
    • Creating Roles
    • Deploying Roles with Ansible Galaxy
    • Reusing Content with System Roles
    Troubleshooting Ansible
    • Troubleshooting Playbooks
    • Troubleshooting Ansible Managed Hosts
    Introduction to Ansible Tower
    • Overview about the course module
    • overview of Ansible
    • Introduction to Ansible Tower
    • Ansible Tower Features
    • Ansible Tower Setup
    Installing Ansible Tower
    • Prepare the Ansible Tower Node
    • Ansible Tower Installation
    • Subscription Type
    • Tower Licensing, Updates, and Support
    • Starting, Stopping, and Restarting Tower
    Ansible Tower web interface
    • overview of Tower Dashboard
    • Examine Views, Resources, Access, Administration
    Role Based Access Controls
    • Understanding (Organizations, Teams, Users, Roles)
    Creating & Managing Inventories & Credentials
    • creating static inventory
    • adding host to inventory
    • creating Credentials
    • Overview of git hub
    • install and configure git
    • push files from local server to git hub repo
    • managing Ansible project using git
    Dynamic Inventory
    • Overview of Dynamic inventories
    • configuring a Dynamic inventory for AWS EC2 Environment

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