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    QTP Online Training from India

    QTP Online Training Course Content

    Course Duration : 15 to 20 Hrs

    QTP 10.0 Concepts
    • Introduction on Automation Testing
    • Advantage of Automation Testing
    • Automation testing tools introduction
    • QTP introduction
    • Record &Recording modes
    • Run &Run modes
    • Active Scrren
    • Keyword view, Expert view
    • Scripting ,Drag& Drop concepts
    • With Statement
    • Start Transactio
    • End Transaction
    Synchronization Point
    • Step Generator
    • Checkpoints
    • Output Values
    • Actions
    • Object Repositary
    • Descriptive Programming
    • Types of Objects
    • Object Identification
    • Object spy
    • Recovery Senarios
    • Parameterization
    • Step into
    • Step out
    • Step over
    Regular Expressions
    Working With Data table
    Working with Text File
    Working With Environment Variables
    Working with Database Connection
    Test Batch Runner
    Web Table Methods
    Function Library
    Working with Excel scripts
    Working with Web Script
    QTP Testing Process
    FAQS in QTP
    VB Scripting Concepts
    • Variable
    • Implicit Varible
    • Explicit Varible
    • Option Explicit
    • Array Variables
    • Operators
    • VB Script Constant
    • Built in Functions in VB Script
    • Conditional Statements
    • Loops in VB Scripting
    • Functions And Sub Procedures
    • On Error Resume Next

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