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    Kafka Online Training from India

    Kafka Online Training Course Content

    Course Duration : 35 to 40 Hrs

    • Good knowledge on Linux Operating system
    • Basic knowledge on how a messaging product works
    Target Audience:
    • People who are working professional and looking for a change to boost career with bigdata injection tools
    Module 1: Introduction of kafka
    • What is Apache Kafka
    • Kafka Features and terminologies
    • High-level kafka architecture
    • Real-life Kafka Case Studies
    Module 2: Kafka components - Theory
    • Broker
    • Zookeeper
    • Topics
    • Partition
    • Replication factor
    • Producer
    • Consumer
    Module 3: KafkaInstallation
    • Pre-requisites and Environment setup
    • Code download
    • Single broker installation
      • Zookeeper configuration and setup
      • Kafka server configuration and setup
    Module 4: Kafka Command Line Interface (CLI)
    • Topics
      • Replication factor
      • Partitions
    • Console Producer
    • Console Consumer
    • Console Consumer Groups
    Module 5: Advanced Topics configuration
    • Changing a topic configuration
    • Segment and Indexes
    • Log Cleanup policies
    • Log Cleanup Delete
    • Log compaction
    • min.insync.replicas
    • Unclean leader Election
    Module 6: Kafka Multi Node cluster setup
    • Part 1: Zookeeper Quorum setup
      • What is a zookeeper ?
      • Zookeeper role in kafka cluster
      • Zookeeper Quorum sizing
      • Zookeeper configuration
    • Part 2: Broker Clustersetup
      • Introduction and Architecture
      • Kafka cluster size discussion
      • Kafka Configuration
      • Kafka Multi-broker setup
    Module 7: Kafka Performance
    • Disk (I/O)
    • Network
    • RAM
    • CPU
    • OS (Operating System)
    Module 8: CMAK (Cluster Management for Apache Kafka)
    • What is a Kafka Manager
    • Managing Kafka with Kafka Manager
    • Advantages of Kafka Manager
    Module 9: Kafka Cluster upgrade
    • Zero copy
    • Up / Down conversions in Kafka
    • Kafka Upgrade from 1.x to 2.x
    Module 10: Kafka Security
    • Kafka Broker vs Kafka Client
    • Need of security encryption in Kafka
    • SSL/TLS– setup
      • Broker side setup
      • Client-side setup
    • Enabling Data encryption in between Kafka client and Broker

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